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Speech Language Pathology Services

  • Certified in Vital Stimulation for Swallowing

  • Pediatric Feeding

  • Auditory Processing Deficits including Dyslexia

• Fluency/Stuttering Disorders
• Language Deficits/Delays including Expressive and/or Receptive
• Articulation and Phonological Disorders/ Delays
• Cognitive Deficits/Delays
• Augmentative Communication
• Oral Motor and/or Feeding Delays
• Speech and Language Delays related to hearing loss
• Social Skill Deficits
• Voice Disorders including LSVT
• Dysarthria/Apraxia of Speech
• Cognitive Linguistic Deficits related to brain injuries
• Specialized training in the following: Hanen Program for Autism

Speech Language Pathology: Our Services
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